What is Aromatherapy?


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and base oils on the body.  Base oils in themselves are therapeutic with qualities such as anti-inflammatory, moisturising, regenerative and rejuvenating properties. 


The essential oils are made from plant parts and have many healing properties such as pain relieving, mood lifting, anti-viral, balancing, relaxing, sedating and tonic to name but a few.  These are absorbed via the skin or by inhalation.  Essential oils help to assist the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself.  

Aromatherapy is a very gentle treatment that creates a deep feeling of relaxation.  The massage technique is gentle, using a light pressure and involves a lot of lymphatic drainage (helping the lymph flow and reduce toxins from the body) and neuro-muscular (eases muscle tension) movements.  The oils are blended to work towards achieving an individual client’s objectives for a treatment.  The Aromatherapist will discuss with you your objectives, whether it is relaxation, uplifting, or anti-inflammatory properties for example.  The client chooses the oils to be used depending on the type of aroma preferred.


History of Aromatherapy


  • Essential oils from plants has been used in most healing practices for thousands of years

  • The ancient Egyptians used plant essence for medicine, magical and religious ceremonies.  It is also recorded that China and India enjoyed the use of oils at this time

  • The Greeks and Romans enjoyed aromatic baths and scented massage, remedies were also used to treat soldiers battle wounds

  • Modern aromatherapy was rekindled at the turn of this century by a French chemist and scholar, Dr R M Gattefosse.  He researched, wrote books on the subject and carried out experiments with essential oils.  He used oils on patients in military hospitals during WW1 with surprising results

  • Today, aromatherapy is a popular treatment for relaxation and health promotion.  It is used in hospitals, as a preventative, an alternative healthcare and for palliative care

The benefits of Aromatherapy


  • Creates a feeling of deep relaxation, whereby physical and psychological healing takes place

  • Lymphatic drainage – reduces toxins in the body

  • Neuro-muscular tension is eased – pressure points

  • Lifts mood

  • Restores balance in the body

  • Stimulates the body’s immune system

  • Increases blood circulation

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